Allow Me To Clarify

Paleo food

So this won’t be a super-long post, but it’s something that I need to say here because I’m tired of having the same arguments with people about the paleo way of life. This is something that people seem to not be able to grasp, and I’m not sure why this is such a difficult concept, … Read more

How Chronic Cardio Can Actually Make You GAIN Weight

chronic cardio

Exercise is generally seen as an essential component of any weight loss program. However, the type and intensity of exercise can have a significant impact on weight loss outcomes. In the pursuit of weight loss, many people turn to cardio exercise as their primary form of physical activity. However, there is a specific type of … Read more

Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Boomsauce

coconut oil The Ultimate Boomsauce and muffin Paleo Carrot Banana Muffins recipe

I remember at one of my first CrossFit sessions, my coach threw a sample packet of coconut oil at me. WHAT IS THIS?! I cried. All I knew about coconut oil was coconut oil = saturated fat = BAD. I mean, that’s what was drilled into me during 4 years of college studying nutrition. Nevertheless, … Read more