Steve Bambinelli, aka Coach Crusher

  • Director of the Level 2 Program
  • CrossFit L2-Coach
  • CrossFit Competition Certification
  • Totten Basic Olympic Lifting Certification

Growing up on Long Island Steve was always active in athletics. During his high school years he was involved in several varsity sports including Cross Country, Track and Wrestling, achieving either All-Conference or All-County recognition in all three. It wasn’t until college however that he found his true athletic calling in Rugby, where he achieved both regional and national level success. Steve continued his Rugby career after college with the Long Island RFC, and was appointed captain his first year. During this time Steve also began coaching the Hofstra University Women’s RFC, leading them to a conference championship which resulted in divisional promotion. Steve began his crossfit journey in 2013 after a knee injury forced him to retire from playing.

Since then he has devoted much of his time to studying various forms of strength and conditioning and is currently the Director of the Crow Hill Crossfit Level 2 Program and Competition Program.