Robin Wellington, aka Coach SquatWhisperer

  • Coach
  • CrossFit L2 Trainer
  • Totten Advanced/Basic Olympic Lifting Certification
  • USA Powerlifting Club Coach
  • USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance Coach

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Robin spent most of her teenage years in a barn, doing everything from showing horses, to hauling hay bales and coaching young riders. She also spent a lot of time falling off and accumulating injuries, so by the time she went to college, she decided it was time to hang up her spurs.

After a difficult recovery from shoulder surgery, she proceeded to do absolutely nothing athletic for several years. Seeking to improve her health, Robin started to try out different approaches to nutrition. Eventually, this led her to paleo – and the realization that she should probably try this whole “moving around and lifting things” idea while she was at it. As a visually impaired athlete, she almost walked out the door the first time that Coach Dan suggested she jump on a box, but decided that anything featuring deadlifts (like hay bales, but bigger!), goal setting, and a supportive community was a good place to be. She vividly remembers how intimidating it was to start CrossFit, and works hard to cultivate a welcoming and challenging atmosphere for all of the athletes at Crow Hill.

In her spare time, Robin works in marketing and loves to take on big cooking projects.