We believe fitness is most successful when it is communal. Together we strive to create an environment that is fun, safe and effective.


CROW HILL CROSSFIT offers the best general fitness program out there.  We coach our athletes to move better.  And through better movement, our athletes are able to get stronger, faster, and healthier.  We borrow the best training techniques from Olympic athletes AND scale these movements to your level.  We train like the gymnasts, the track and field athlete, and the weightlifter.  We challenge ourselves through games and sport.  AND most of all... we have FUN doing it together.   

I have been a member at Crow Hill CrossFit for over two years. The programming is challenging and thoughtful, and it ensures that you are always improving, whether you are a seasoned athlete working on an advanced gymnastics move, or a brand new member working to get their first pull up.
— David Berlin, Google Review

Our program is based around our CrossFit classes. CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional fitness. The movements we make use of are NATURAL movement patterns like running, jumping, sitting, standing, crawling, picking things up, and putting things down. The programming is VARIED, but NOT RANDOM. Our program makes use of the scientific principles of periodization, and offers a broad range of different challenges designed to progressively push you to new heights. Our program is INTENSE, but intense FOR YOU. We believe that an athlete must LEARN A MOVEMENT, MASTER A MOVEMENT, THEN CHALLENGE THE MOVEMENT. We make sure to increase the intensity as mastery of the movement increases. We DO NOT ADD INTENSITY until an athlete has demonstrated competency in the movement.


  • Our On Ramp program is how new to CrossFit athletes get started. Classes are one hour long and the 6 series of classes are offered every two weeks. These classes are mandatory for those who have never done CrossFit.

  • During our On Ramp we teach how to safely execute the movements we perform in our CrossFit classes. We progressively advance the difficulty of the movements over a period of 6 classes. Our coaches are careful to explain how athletes can expect to increase or decrease the difficulty of a movement to make sure that they are always safely challenged.

  • On Ramp is offered Tuesday & Thursday at 8:15pm and Saturday at 12pm. Please email us for information when the next series of classes start. Private On Ramp memberships are available.


  • Classes are one hour long and are offered every day.

  • Our classes start with a QUESTION OF THE DAY ice breaker as a way for our athletes to get to know our Coach for the class, and get to know each other.

  • Each of our classes offer dedicated time for either a STRENGTH or high SKILL movement. We have found that offering dedicated time to work on just one or two movements has led to faster gains and mastery.

  • The heart of each workout is our CONDITIONING WORKOUT OF THE DAY (WOD) where we make use of the principles of sport to help motivate and challenge you. Here we make use of the scientific principles of Circuit Training and HIIT, but with a broad range of movements and challenges not often seen in gyms or fitness studios. We have found that training this way is extremely effective.

  • Our last 5 minutes or so is devoted to COOLING DOWN or accessory work. After an intense workout out is important to gradually let the body return to a more relaxed state. We do this through the use of lower intensity movements chosen to aid in recovery and safeguard the body from injuries.

crossfit kids

  • Classes are offered from September to June.

  • Our CrossFit Kids Program is led by our CrossFit Kids Certified instructor, and is a safe and fun way for your kids to fall in love with fitness.

  • Kids ages 7 to 13 are welcome to drop in to our kids program. Classes are designed around age appropriate exercises and games to help get your kids moving.


  • We offer Open Gym hours for experienced CrossFit athletes throughout the day in a dedicated area that is perfect to work on extra practice with the barbell, gymnastics, or for just getting a workout in.

  • In our Open Gym area we have a pull up rig with enough space for several people to hit their WOD as well as three weightlifting platforms for dedicated barbell work. Athletes may also make use of the equipment in our class area. We just ask that you speak to the coach on staff and return the equipment back to the class area.

  • For those who are looking for a space for weightlifting or powerlifting we recommend our adjacent sister gym, Murder of Crows Barbell.