We are proud of the various organizations and people we have partnered with to help make Crow Hill CrossFit the best gym in Brooklyn. Please click on any of the links below to learn how best our partners can help you meet your fitness goals.



Murder of Crows Barbell is our sister gym. MOC began as an open gym program at Crow Hill CrossFit and blossomed into one of the largest, and strongest, dedicated weightlifting and powerlifting teams in New York. We partner together for many events and we strongly recommend their 6 week weightlifting classes for those looking to improve their weightlifting technique.



We are super excited to have partnered with Good Reps & Recovery Physical Therapy. Dr. Zeena Hernandez believes that the key to facilitating recovery from an injury is establishing a solid collaboration between therapist and client. She believes in not only treating a body part or the bio-mechanical aspect of an injury but the whole person. She empowers clients and patients by getting them mentally and physically ready to return to play or work. Monthly members receive 10% off their visit to Dr. Zeena Hernandez!



This is our second year partnering with Prospect Park Community Service Agriculture (CSA). The Prospect Park CSA, founded in 2011, partners with Windflower Farms, a family-owned, organic farm in upstate New York. The farm is run by Ted and Jan Blomgren, their son Nate, and a small dedicated staff. The CSA is 100% volunteer run and each week during the Summer months Windlfower Farms drops off shares of vegetables, fruits, eggs, and even flowers for CSA members. Stay tuned for sign up options each Spring!

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Kettlebell Kitchen has been a long time partner with Crow Hill CrossFit providing ready made meals for our athletes that are designed by nutritionists to help you meet your fitness goals. KBK is committed to providing your body with the nutrients it needs through serving you real, minimally processed food made from high-quality ingredients. KBK drops off meals at the gym for you to pick up on Monday and Wednesday mornings.



Alan and Nancy Brown raise grass-fed and grass-finished beef and pasture raised, GMO free pork on land that is Certified Organic by NOFA-NY. Several times a month they drop off their products from over 35 local family farms and producers, including 9 kinds of meat, lots of cheese, bread, flour, grains, lacto-fermented vegetables, pastas, jams and chutneys, and much much more!