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Running Club is Back!

We are very excited to announce that Running Club will be back in action starting April 1st!  This year we are offering the club as part of our regular classes (attendance will count as a class).  AND we are offering two training sessions a week! 

Crow Hill Running Club is led by Coach Dan and is a great way to combine your love of running with your love for CrossFit.  Our Running Club runs on a simple philosophy.  We learn HOW to do a thing first.  Once we feel competent in the technique, then we can add intensity to that movement.  If your technique can hold up under intensity, then, and ONLY then will we add volume.  

On Tuesdays at 7pm the Running Club will be meeting at Mount Prospect Park for some intense interval training!  This is where you improve your acceleration and your speed for running.  And is usually what people skip in their training!  

Saturday at 10am the Running Club will be heading over to Prospect Park  on the Running Circle by the Grand Army Plaza entrance to the Park.  Saturdays will be reserved for longer, paced runs.  These are essential for improving aerobic capacity, and for gaining the long distance running experience that your body (& mind) needs to complete a race. 

Each training session will review technique for running so that you can be more effective and efficient as you run! 

Remember, consistent training breeds consistent results!  And proper training gets awesome results!  Keep attending CrossFit classes and add Running Club to your training regime and you will turn all that fitness into a road warrior! 

Oh, and tell your friends!  Running Club will be available as a stand alone membership ($85 per four weeks) that will be available for non-CrossFit athletes!   While we believe CrossFit training at the gym is the best way to make sure that you are strong and healthy for running club, we do welcome non-CrossFit athletes to running club!  Drop ins are $25.  




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