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CrossFit Running Workshop!

Come and join us as some of the best running coaches in the world descend upon Crow Hill CrossFit for this day-long seminar designed to make you a better runner!

Where: Crow Hill CrossFit

When: Saturday, September 23rd, 9am

Who: Anyone that wants to make running a stronger part of their CrossFit journey!

What: The CrossFit Workshop: Running is an intensive single-day course that teaches participants how to improve technique and increase safety for improved economy and performance. Under the guidance of Pose Method founder Dr. Nicholas Romanov and his team, participants will learn from class discussion and innovative drills before leaving with a newfound ability to run fast and efficiently.

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Two Day Coaches Registration:

See you there!

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Running Club
7:00 PM19:00

Running Club

Crow Hill Running Club meets weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm (THIS WEEK WEDNESDAY!) at the Grand Army Plaza Entrance of Prospect Park. 

Crow Hill Running Club is led by Coach Dan and is a great way to combine your love of running with your love for CrossFit.  Our Running Club runs on a simple philosophy.  We learn HOW to do a thing first.  Once we feel competent in the technique, then we can add intensity to that movement.  If your technique can hold up under intensity, then, and ONLY then will we add volume.

Seems simple.  Learn HOW to do a thing before you do the thing LOTS.  And this seems logical to anyone that thinks about it.  And yet running is somehow excluded from this.  Want to run a half marathon?  Ok, let’s look at the training plan and see how many miles I should be running every week.  Miles, miles, miles.  In fact, runners tend to see the hierarchy completely reversed.  Volume first, then MAYBE intensity, and then, maybe far off in the future, add a little technique in just because.  And then we wonder why two our of three runners get injured every year.

We want to change it up.  We want to be different.  We understand that being strong is an important aspect of health and running.  In fact the stronger you are (combined with proper technique), the faster you will run.  Learn how to run.  Lifts heavy weights a couple of times a week.  Realize that stronger IS faster.

Contact us to get started! 

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