Christina Moore, aka Coach Tuna

  • Coach
  • CrossFit L1 Trainer
  • Totten Basic Olympic Lifting Certification

When she moved to NYC, it was tough to find a box with the same small town “community” feel. She actually ‘found’ Crow Hill by accident.  Christina stumbled into Crow Hill to promote an extreme obstacle race (Civilian Military Combine), and was immediately impressed by the inclusiveness of the community and how amazingly talented the coaches were. She joined the box in December 2014, and was quickly inspired by the coaches to get her first training certification in September 2015.

Outside the box, Christina is a veterinarian turned veterinary recruiter. She and her boyfriend Oliver share two dogs, Frankie (her soulmate) and Baxter (an adorable little monster). She is passionate about fitness and nutrition for humans and pets, and is incredibly excited to help other athletes on their journeys to a healthier life.