CrossFit Open 2018 Wrap-Up!


Well Crows, another CrossFit Open is in the books, and this year might have been my favorite yet. From first pull-ups and handstand pushups, to finding that competitive spirit and pushing yourselves a little more than you may have in the past, we experienced incredible frustration AND inspiration over the last five weeks.

The Open started, as it often does, with a couple of more inclusive workouts. A lot of people were able to RX them, maybe even getting their first (or 16th!) Toes-To-Bar, or hitting a PR on their clean at the end of a nasty little couplet. Even more folks were able to successfully scale the workouts, and a lot of folks told me how surprised they were with how well they were able to do considering this was their first ever competition! As an owner and coach, this is always amazing to hear.


By the third and fourth week, the more difficult skills started to make an appearance; muscle-ups, handstand pushups, and even the scaled division had regular chin-over-bar pull-ups. Not exactly the easiest scale! But we got through it, with many tears of both frustration and happiness.

The last workout brought us to a dark place - WHY WOULD YOU PURPOSELY VOTE FOR THRUSTERS - but we tackled it, and we beat it. Chest-to-bar pull-ups ain’t got nothin on us.

As an athlete the Open has always slightly terrified me, but more so it excites and pushes me. As a coach, this is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s that one time of year that we don’t worry about scaling so that we “get a good workout”, it’s the time for us to push ourselves to new limits, and try things that we might have otherwise been to scared to try in a normal class. So with that, here are some of my top moments this year, in no particular order.


Julie M.

Week three of the open brought us what was certainly the hardest workout for anyone competing in the scaled division; muscle-ups were scaled to regular chin-over-bar pullups. For most folks, a pull-up is certainly not a scale! Julie came to the 9am class Sunday morning, knowing she could maybe get a rep or two of actual pullups. She did the workout, and got a few reps, but I could see the frustration on her face. After class she came up to me and said that during the workout she had worked with Coach Omar, and she thinks that she has figured out the kip, and can she try the workout again with the 10am class? Why not, I said. So she jumped in and did the workout again, doubling her score, and getting 13 RX pull-ups, and finishing with a score of 453 on 18.3!



Victoria H.

Victoria has been an athlete at Crow Hill for a long time, and watching her get stronger and faster has been amazing. One of the few things she had not been able to to RX were handstand push-ups. She tackled 18.4 on Friday, to no avail. So I got an email Friday asking if she could come in early on Saturday morning before class and have me judge her through the workout one more time, as she was going away for the rest of the weekend. We got there bright and early on Saturday morning, warmed up, and off she went, tackling 18.4 once again RX. The deadlifts were no issue whatsoever, and we arrived once again at the HSPU. We talked a little bit about kipping form, she failed her first attempt, and then BOOM, RX HSPU number one! She ended up getting TWO MORE in the workout, finishing 18.4 with a final score of 24RX. What an accomplishment!


Nicole S.

You all probably know Nicole as the head of our social committee and host of our monthly AMRAPPY Hour. She’s been an athlete here for a few years now, and this is her third (I believe?) Open. And now I can officially say that this is the first Open that she has completed every workout with an RX score! The 80lb Overhead Squats might have been a little intimidating (Coach, I’ve never even done a 65lb OHS before, should I even try?) But 18.3 can be chalked down as a victory for Nicole - not only did she PR her overhead squat at 80lbs, but she hit it SIX TIMES. I was her judge on this workout, and I no rep’d her more than once, so I can tell you that she damn well earned each and every one of those squats! Oh, and I guess I’ll mention that she also did her first (and 9th!) Chest-To-Bar pull-up this past Sunday. An Open full of PRs!


Carla K.

You all might know Carla as one of more veteran athletes. She’s been training with us for a while, and man is she strong. She attempted 18.4 on Sunday in class, and barely made a dent in the round of 15s. She is strong in both deadlifts and HSPU, and she was not happy with this score at all. She came back in the next day, less than 24 hours later, and I judged her through the workout, and no only did she finish the 15s round, she actually finished the 9s as well, giving herself an RX Diane with Open standards! Oh, and then she went on to destroy five MORE reps of deadlifts at 205lbs. It was a pleasure watching her crush this workout.



Every Weekly Showdown

The weekly viewing party / showdowns are always one of my favorite things in the Open, and this year certainly did not disappoint! Tarik and Sean kicked things off in 18.1 sporting their best impressions of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. If you missed this, you really missed something special! The best showdown was this last workout, 18.5, which had Rick and Omar facing off in the RX division (they both killed it, scoring 97 and 93 reps respectively!), and wife/husband duo Molly and Alex going head-to-head in the scaled division. It was a harrowing match with what looked like the entire 6am crew representing in the audience (including Alex and Molly’s daughter with a homemade “Team Molly” sign!), and in the end, Molly came out on top by one single rep!


End Of The Open Party

And as always, getting a chance to have a beer and chat with all you awesome folks outside of the gym is a big highlight for me. Normal clothes (me in a collared shirt!?!) and a relaxed atmosphere always leads to great conversation, and I got to hear so many amazing success stories of both this year’s Open, and just your experiences in CrossFit in general.


There were so many amazing moments this year, and these are by no means my only favorites, but I wanted to keep this from becoming too long. I want to say thank you to each and every one of you that participated this year, whether you signed up or not. And if you didn’t, there’s always next year! But until then, thanks again for being the most amazing group of athletes that I could ever hope to coach and workout with, and you all provide me with endless inspiration.


Cheers to another successful year!


Coach Dan


Dan McCarthy