This is our SIXTH YEAR as an affiliate competing in the CrossFit Open and we have had a lot of fun in years past!  We have had athletes find their first muscle ups, first double unders, new PRs and over all have a great time over the 5 week contest.  We hope to continue this year with that fun!


For those who do not know, the CrossFit Open is the first stage of competition in the CrossFit Games.  Almost 300,000 people worldwide participated last year in the competition.  Only a very small group of athletes make it on to the next stage of competition.  For most of us we are competing just to have fun.  We don’t expect to win, but we do want to push ourselves in competition and see how well we can do!   

At 8pm (EST), on Thursday night, February 22, 2018, the Director of the Games, Dave Castro, will announce the first work out called 18.1.  He will announce a RX version and a Scaled version.  We will have until Monday at 8pm (EST) to perform that work out with a judge that will validate our score.  Each subsequent Thursday for five weeks, Dave Castro will announce another work out to test our fitness. 

We will be offering a few different ways for you to have your scores validated and judged at Crow Hill. 


For those who want to face off against another athlete immediately after the announcement on Thursday nights, you can!  We are offering the opportunity for up to four athletes (2 RX/2 Scaled) to be judged immediately after the announcement (roughly 9pm on Thursday night).  

This is a great way to have a little fun, face off against a friend, or just get the work out done first.   You can sign up as either RX or Scaled, but can change your mind the night of after the announcement.  Click the button to throw your name into the ring.


On Friday evenings we will be offering the first shots at the Open WOD in our regular classes.  Coach Sarah will be leading the 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm Friday Night Lights classes through the Open WOD.  Athletes attending those classes will do the Open WOD regardless if they are signed up for the Open are not.  It will be the Workout of the Night (WON).  The basic structure for the class will be a basic warm up for half the class and a rules discussion for the other half.  The first half will perform the work out, while the second half of the class will judge them.  We will then switch.


Our Sunday classes will be our second offering for athletes looking to perform the Open WODs.  The structure will be the same as Friday nights, but we will have a second coach helping with organizing everyone.  We will also be able to have offered some strategies at this point and how best to tackle the work out. 


For those who are unable to make those class times, we may be able to accommodate you during other times of the day.  Some of our coaches will be posting availability each week on the Facebook Community page for when athletes can be judged during open gym.  Athletes may reply to these posts about their interest to be judged during that time for a $10 cash fee for the coach.  This way athletes who cannot make our class offerings will be able to still get to participate. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us as always!  I am looking forward to this year’s 2018 CrossFit Open, AND YES I, COACH KURT, SIGNED UP.   

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Debating Doing The Open Scaled or RX'd?

And for those who want to see an awesome interview by Pat Sherwood of Coach Dan and I talk about getting Crow Hill ready for the 2015 CrossFit Open, here you go!  And I swear I spoke in the unedited version.