Meet our July Athlete Of The Month, Jason Clarke!

*We are sitting in front of a fan immediately after Jason finished a wod. It's approximately a zillion degrees with 80% humidity. Jason is wearing a headband that says “no one has ever drowned in sweat."

CHCF: Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I'm 2 of 4 sons. I am originally from Durham, North Carolina and have been in New York for the last 3 years. 

CHCF: What do you do for work? 

I am a tax attorney. Originally I was an accountant, and then I went to law school and decided to marry the two together…why? because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. 

CHCF: What is your fitness background? 

I used to play sports in high school when I was young and spry. And then in college I played intramural sports. And then I started getting old. And I started to slow down. And I thought maybe I should do CrossFit to keep in shape. 

CHCF: Had you done CrossFit before? 

No. I moved to New York on a Wednesday and started my first CrossFit  class on that Saturday. I had never done CrossFit  before. I had done P90X and I got lonely. So I thought, let me try something that’s more group / team involved. 

CHCF: Did you know much about CrossFit when you started?

I didn’t know anything which is why I started. If I had known anything about CrossFit I wouldn’t have done it. 

CHCF: Have you always been at Crow Hill? 

Ya, I started at the original gym over on Park and my first class after on-ramp was Murph. Yes. CrossFit  and I have had a wonderful and loving experience. 

CHCF: Do you have any favorite lifts or skills? Are there things that you look forward to doing? 

Surprisingly I like to do pull-ups and handstand holds. We used to do circuit drills. I really liked those because it reminded me of sports. Who ever's in charge of programming... BRING THEM BACK!  

What I hate…everything else. 

Anything dealing with squatting. That includes overhead squats, back squats, front squats, and especially snatches!!! 

CHCF: Do you have any favorite moments in the gym - has anything been especially memorable? 

Besides the times that I’ve cried... My first Murph. Before it, I'm scared. During it, I'm scared of passing out, but the 30 seconds after its over..I'm the man!!! 

CHCF: Are there any goals that you’re working on now?

For the last 3 years I’ve been trying to do double unders. My goal is that before I retire from CrossFit to get at least get 25 double unders in a row. 

CHCF: What qualities do you think we should look for in Athlete of the Month? 

Really I think the athlete of the month is somebody who is a part of the community and enjoys the family of CrossFit. I don’t think athleticism should be a consideration. To do this week-in and week-out, it’s less about the athlete you are - and more about the person you are. That level of commitment is what inspires me, it far outweighs whatever they’re able to do physically. 

Dan McCarthy