Meet Liz and Brendan and Vincent and Devin and Clare, our April Athletes Of The Month!

April’s Athlete of the Month goes to a full family of Crow Hill Crossfiters! 


Clare is 6 years old and volunteered to speak on behalf of the group. 

"I love horses, dogs, babies, and mostly anything that’s an animal and cute."

Vincent is 11 years and while he’s not a very “sporty” person, he really loves biking. 

"I’m more of a long-ride person than I am an off-road person…so I have a road bike, and my mom got me all this neon green clothing, and I have 5 different lights that I wear. It’s pretty much impossible to miss me. I have so many lights that I might start blinding drivers." 

Devin is 9 years old and everyone seems to agree that he’s the most athletic member of the family. He was the first to get a kipping pull-up, and will probably be the first to get a muscle-up. 

"I like running a lot. And jumping and climbing, and skiing. I want to learn how to snowboard.” (*Liz looks hesitant)

“Can you move on to the next person now?”

Liz played basketball in high school and was a cheerleader, but never considered herself an athlete. 

Brendan has no fitness background whatsoever.

"I’m one of those people that was pretty overweight and hypertensive. In my 30s a Doctor said they were going to put me on blood pressure medication. And I smoked.” (*Vincent revealed that his dad still has a cigar every year on his birthday)

When asked how they got into Crossfit, Brendan said he just wandered into it. He started about 4 years ago when Crow Hill was in the old space. 

"I was looking for a gym that opened early enough that worked with taking the kids to school. I had never heard of crossfit. They were close and they opened at 6am. 

The first on-ramp class I took with Dan, I thought I wasn’t actually going to come back…because I couldn’t imagine paying money to have a jacked Canadian tell me to run around the block. Like, why am I paying money to run around the block? 

But I did come back and stuck with it, and it’s been great. And I roped all these guys into it." 

Vincent and Devin both started going to Crossfit Kids in the old space as well. 

Vincent, "I did it of course because my parents did it, it looked fun, it looked interesting - and the coach was pretty nice. His name was Jason. I really miss him now…but I like Shaina too. And I just really enjoy hanging out with my brother and sister doing cool things like running and doing physical activities.”

Devin, "My mom made me do it.”

When asked about their favorite movements or skills at the gym, everyone had a different answer. Clare likes jumping rope and wall walks. Vincent loves rowing. Devin likes anything that has to do with climbing or running. Liz likes body weight movements and cleans (*according to her kids, this is because she also loves house cleaning). 

Brendan, "I’m pretty hopeless with a barbell but I have been doing Kaleb’s Olympic lifting cycle and I like that a lot.”

If you’re wondering how Liz and Brendan manage to maintain work, family and Crossfit - Clare has the answer;

“...So the gym has a really early class and it’s before we go to school. So dad goes to that class while we’re getting ready for school. Then he comes back and brings us to school. Mom goes when we’re at school, so basically we’re really never alone. Mostly on weekends, they go to crossfit and the three of us hang out in the yoga room.”

Liz, "They’re so comfortable being there that they just hang out and do whatever."

Vincent, "It’s like being at home, except there’s no wifi." 

Devin, "Vincent can’t do anything without wifi." 

(*everyone laughs.) 

Clare, “I love my mom!”   

Dan McCarthy