17.2 Strategy Guide

Backs should be feeling better now!  Welcome to grip hell!

This work out will be a challenge for athletes in a number of ways.  The first will be athlete's abilities to perform the movements.  For our RX athletes we have Toes to Bar and Bar Muscle Ups that will be a deciding factor for a lot of our athletes.  For our Scaled athletes you will be tackling leg raises, but the real challenge will be the pull ups.  The lunges and the power cleans with the Dumb bells will not be a picnic, but what will really set your performance above others will be the gymnastics. 

So, with that in mind, let's talk about what we can do to make sure that we perform the best in those movements.  For most of our RX athletes this issue will be the bar muscle ups and for the Scaled athletes it will be the pull ups.  These movements come later in the work and we need to make sure that we are fresh enough to be able to tackle them.  So let's come up with a strategy to achieve that! 

The work out starts with lunges with the DBs racked on our shoulders.  It takes about 15 seconds to lunge 25ft (on average), and this should not change unless we falter in our lunges (don't let this happen).  I would recommend the first round lunging the 25ft, turning and lunging back with out a break.  This means you will approach the knee raises/toes to bar in about 30 seconds.

For the knee raises/toes to bar you NEED TO BREAK THEM UP immediately.  Even if you have 16 reps unbroken it is not a good idea to try that out in this work out.  Kari Pearce last night did the Open WOD and is a Games Athlete with a gymnastics background.  She easily has 30+ reps of toes to bar.  She broke up the reps 8 and 8 for the Toes to Bar the first two rounds.  For many of our athletes I would recommend breaking up the Knee Raises to 8 and 8, and breaking up the Toes to Bar to 6/6/4 or 4/4/4/4 with 3 second rest between sets.  This will preserve your grip strength, swing strength, pulling strength, and decrease the metabolic demands of the work out to help later.   

It took Pearce 33 seconds to bang out the 16 reps broken into 8 reps and 8 reps.  If you add an additional 3 second rest for a third set or 6 seconds to do the toes to bar in 4 sets, we are only talking about less than 40 seconds for toes to bar.  Doing a big set will not improve your time significantly and will have be a high tax on your grip and metabolic needs.  Break it up! 

The Power Cleans are not terrible, but can become terrible later on!  MAKE SURE to break up the set at the 7 rep mark to do your 8th rep and go right into your lunges.  DO NOT do your 8th rep of power cleans unless you are ready to start your lunges.  Pearce finished her Power Cleans at 1:25.  That is 20 seconds for the power cleans. 

With the lunges, this time, break it up after 25ft.  At the turn around drop the DBs, shake out the arms, and immediately pick it up and start lunging.  Pearce did this and the lunges took a total of 35 seconds.  That is 5 seconds longer than the first round.  Again, not significant.  BUT YOU MUST MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE REST UNDER 3 SECONDS. 

The second round of knee raises/toes to bar may need to be broken in smaller sets than the first round.  If you did 6/6/4 the first time, for the second time you may want to think of doing 4/4/4/4.  The goal is not to burn yourself out so you have energy for the pull ups or bar muscle ups.

On the second round of power cleans, break it up the same as before, 7 reps and 1 rep.  HOWEVER, if you think you only have 3 or less reps of pull ups or bar muscle ups, you need to go hard hear to finish these power cleans so that you have a good tie breaker time.  If you have more than 3 reps (close to 10 reps), you will want to keep your pacing to have more time and energy for the pull ups or bar muscle ups. 

Pearce finished her 2 rounds of lunges/toes to bar/power cleans at the 3:08 mark.  Even if you break up the sets of toes to bar more often than Pearce, you will be finishing at this point in about 4:00 minutes.  You will have at least 8 minutes for the harder two rounds of this work out.  

For the third round with the lunges, use the same strategy of 25ft and 3 second break, 25 ft.  This will get you to the pull ups/bar muscle ups at 5:00 minutes into the work out.  Clear your head, shake out the hands, and see what you can do!  Whatever you do, don't do more than 4 reps in a row for the bar muscle ups.  For just about everyone in the gym I would recommend 3 reps, 2 reps, or just 1 rep sets.  Keep the rest short, and stay focused on getting reps.  If you can finish the 16 reps of bar muscle ups or pull ups, be prepared to go hard to finish the power cleans.  This will set the nest tie breaker time, and will really help your score.  

I hope this all helps!  Keep in mind you need to save yourself for the bar muscle ups and the pull ups.  Grip will really get taxed and your anterior chain is going to get smoked from this!  Good luck tonight and Sunday!!!


Kurt Roderick