Programming During CrossFit Open

Our ‘In Season’ programming presents a little bit of a challenge, and this is how we are going to address it.  We will be programming the Open WODs Friday evening (5pm, 6pm and 7pm), and Sundays (all classes).  This means we want the least residual fatigue at that time as possible, but not ‘losing our peak.’  In order to achieve that we are going to have our rough weekly template with each day having a particular focus to our stress:

  • Monday:  Technical Skill, Aerobic Skill Work, Aerobic Conditioning.
  • Tuesday: Technical Skill, Max Strength & Power, Short duration/High Intensity Conditioning.
  • Wednesday:  Tactical Skills, Aerobic Conditioning
  • Thursday:  Technical Skills/Tactical Skills, Max Power, Speed and Agility
  • Friday: Technical Skills/Tactical Skills, Lactic Threshold Conditioning
  • Saturday:  Technical Skill, Max Strength & Power, Aerobic Conditioning
  • Sunday: Open WOD

While, this is a 7 day programming template, it is assumed that athletes will be resting certain days during the week.  Athletes looking to maximize their peak and planning on doing the Open WOD on Friday evening and Sundays will be resting Thursday and Saturday.  Some athletes may need to rest on Monday depending on the Open WOD.  Athletes not looking to peak each week because they are newer, or not caring about their performance in the Open WOD can attend any day that best fits their schedule. 

In this schedule of programming the two toughest days are Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday is a light day.  Thursday is a moderate day.  Friday is a light day and Saturday is a heavy day.  The assumption is that if you are doing Saturday you don’t care about your performance in the Open WOD.  This means we are going to go hard and heavy on Saturdays. 

This rough template of work outs should allow for a good peak in performance for athletes for the Open WOD.  If you haven’t signed up yet, go here:

Looking forward to seeing everyone compete this year!  And good luck!    

Kurt RoderickComment