Meet Sean Thompson, Our February Athlete Of The Month!

CHCF: Congratulations on being selected as Athlete of the Month! To get started, can you share a quick bio?

I’m from Sacramento CA and moved to New York in 2009 after getting into a nurse practitioner graduate program at Columbia. I have lived in Crown Heights since February 2011.

CHCF: Tell us a little about your fitness background, and how you came to CrossFit.

I grew up playing basketball and soccer, and I played baseball throughout high school. I started coming to Crow Hill in May 2014 after a torn hamstring. 

CHCF: Why did you come to crossfit to repair a torn hamstring? 

At the time one of my uncles was 50 years old and he was doing a lot of mountain biking. He started doing Crossfit and was getting better at mountain biking, so I thought, If my 50 year old uncle can do this - then maybe I can do it too. 

CHCF: Do you feel like your experience in nursing and your education helps with fitness? 

It definitely informs my lifestyle choices. I see a lot of patients  and even though I’m not treating them for diabetes and heart disease and stuff like that, I see it so much and it’s kind of like the ghost of Christmas future …you don’t want to end up like that. And just having that health background…I try to plug in my nutrition and sleep and control my stress, and maintain a good work / life balance. And Crossfit is part of that. 

CHCF: What is your usual gym schedule

I come 4x a week.  I was trying to come 5 times, but I’m not there yet. I’m usually at the 7pm classes during the week. 

CHCF: Did you partake in The Open last year? 

No. I usually go on vacation during The Open because it’s the dead of winter. This year l’ll be in Mexico City in February. Can you blame me?!?

CHCF: I notice that you always arrive early to class to do shoulder exercises…

I injured my right rotator cuff playing baseball growing up, and that’s better now. I injured my left rotator cuff playing basketball…and that’s the one that’s been bothering me. People talk about getting injuries during crossfit but most of my injuries are from outside of crossfit, and I bring them here to fix them. 

CHCF: Do you have any goals for this year?

I need to work on my pushing movements. Benchpress, dip, muscle up, overhead press. Once I’m able to get better at those, I think my shoulder problems will be fixed. 

CHCF:  Any favorite lifts or skills?

I like the clean because it’s a little less technical than the snatch and you can just caveman it up. You can just throw it up and get under it. And I like double unders because that was actually the first thing I was pretty decent at. 

CHCF:  Any benchmarks that you like?

I can’t keep the benchmarks straight. I know Fran of course because everyone talks about it - but I dread Karen (150 wallballs) more. You feel like Sisyphus and you’re pushing this boulder up a hill and it keeps falling back on you. That’s what it feels like. It gets heavier and heavier, and you do fewer and fewer of them, and you’re still 60 away from finishing. 

CHCF: Is there anything about CrossFit that has surprised you, or that you thought might be different?

Before my uncle got into it, my cousin was crazy about Crossfit and she was posting it all over facebook. And since she’s nuts…I figured all this cultish stuff must be true. So I was hesitant about coming. I’m sure it’s different from gym to gym, but the actual community at Crow Hill feels like a second home vs. going to some anonymous Globo GymI like the social aspect and the support. All the coaches are knowledgable, approachable and friendly. 

CHCF: Did you PR today? That deadlift looked heavy.

Probably??? Usually I check my previous lifts before class but that didn’t happen today. Drinking coffee seemed more important. 

CHCF: Anything you want others to know about?

I play in a co-ed outdoor basketball league in the summer. I’ve been the captain for the last few years and if anyone is interested in playing…it’s not overly competitive. It’s sponsored by a bookstore, so that gives you and idea of what to expect. Most people aren’t former NCAA college athletes. If you want to get out and have fun (and hopefully not get injured) let me know! 

Kurt Roderick