Crow Hill CrossFit is the premier CrossFit affiliate of Crown Heights.  We believe in the long term development of our athletes working in an inclusive and supportive community. 

We offer several programs tailored towards athletes of different ages and different fitness goals.

Our general CrossFit program is the heart of our community.  We offer elite level programming for athletes to achieve their general fitness goals.  

For athletes without CrossFit experience we offer our two week On Ramp program every other week.  This is mandatory for new athletes so they can safely learn the movements we perform in our general classes. 



CrossFit is the Sport of Fitness and our athletes participate in local competitions around the city and beyond.  For athletes looking for a greater challenge, we offer 90 Minute Level 2 classes.  This is part of our competitive program.  Athletes must have at least 6 months of CrossFit experience or instructor permission to participate in these classes.    Our Level 2 athletes are physically tested every three months, and those that pass the participation and physical tests are offered reduced memberships and are paid to compete for Crow Hill CrossFit. 

For our younger athletes, we offer CrossFit Kids.  CrossFit Kids is for young athletes between the ages of 7 to 13.  These are perfect for the developing athlete looking to improve their general physical preparedness. 

Finally, we offer Open Gym memberships for those looking to spend extra time outside of classes to focus on gymnastics or barbell skills that will help take their fitness to the next level.